Follow Up

You’ve been waiting for an entire hour in the cold, somehow drafty, but peacefully silent room. All this after a bout of what seemed like an eternity of being hooked up to the EKG, the doctor wheels in. He says all is well with your test results, but he wants you to schedule another appointment in two weeks for a follow up just in case they missed anything during this evening’s appointment. Convenient? Of course not. Will you do so? Likely.

We can easily derive a useful lesson from this scenario, a few of them actually. No, not the eat well and take care of yourself one. Though you should do so, we’re focused on the follow up. Let’s run our own checkup. How many times in the last two years have you followed up on a quote, recommendation, or resource found in a book you’re reading? If you do this all of the time, you probably know how useful a habit this is.

Consider giving this a try. It could potentially become a powerful tool in your belt. Simply jot down the quote, recommendation, or similar as you go along with your readings and eventually, you’ll have formulated a massive list of references to pick and choose from at a future date. This quickly becomes quite useful for those of us who are at a loss at times for what to read next.

As always, I wish for you wealth, health, and happiness. Take care, friend. I leave you with the following quote until tomorrow.

“Force yourself through the work, force the skills to come; that’s the hardest phase; I feel like your problem is that you’re trying to judge all things in abstract before you do them. That is your tragic mistake.”

Ira Glass

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