Not Just Yet, A Little More

Money is a nearly avoidable need. It is a medium desired by billions and it has been around in different forms for centuries. Some people believe money is the root of all evil and others that money has in it a mirror, one that reflects the holder’s desires unto the world. Existing as a double edged blade history has shown it to build beautiful monuments to humanity as well as contributing to the most horrific moments known to our time. What does money mean to you?

Odds are money plays a rather large role in your life just as it does my own. Though it contains no mind money can be one of the most benevolent teachers one day and the cruelest the very next. If we let it money can rule us to the core, bending us to its will emotionally and physically. It has the power to bring people together but it can absolutely tear them apart as well. What an absolutely interesting piece of material it is.

When it comes to making money one can do all sorts of things to obtain it. We can make so much money that we can quite literally fill every single square inch of space in our home, all the way to the tip top of the highest peak. It can feel absolutely fantastic to be raking in the dollar bills. While we are engaged in such moments we continue doing what we do, piling it up. We hire accountants to sort it all. We cross our T’s and dot our i’s but do we ever step back and ask ourselves how much is enough?

Enough is different for everyone, it varies from person to person. One might want just enough to last until next year while another needs complete and utter assurance that he will live comfortably for the rest of his time without needing to touch another scrap of work again. Another may become addicted to earning like a heroin addict to a needle. Such a pursuit can be devastating to a person. What goes on inside the minds of these people? Though I’m not sure I can tell you that it may be in part the mechanic that goes on in your very mind.

When John D. Rockefeller was asked by a young man just how much money was enough, Mr. Rockefeller grinned and said “Just a little bit more.” Interesting. When I heard this bells and whistles went off inside my head. I had heard a similar voice in my own mind, it said the very same thing. I stopped. There’s something to learn here.

If we become monitors of our own thoughts we may find such a voice there. If you come across it grab hold of it by the neck and wring it out well. It’ll share something with you. It has the potential to show you that no amount of money will ever be enough. Taking this lesson to heart can help us center ourselves in our lives. Explore this notion on your own and as time goes on recall this simple one liner. It can be a tool that you add to your belt.

“Just a little bit more.”

John D. Rockefeller

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