To Entertain Another

At one time or another we developed our perspective on this world. This initial perspective likely evolved throughout our childhood and the outcome of such evolution is influenced by a vast array of inputs. We learn from our families, friends, and experiences as we grow and through this learning we forge our opinions and views on many different matters.

Interestingly enough to obtain a stance, whatever it may be, we had to have an open mind. We originally had no idea what to think of this weird and sometimes confusing place that we were sucked into and we looked to others for a sense of solidarity. We also frequently tried on the glasses of many in an attempt to understand the world as they did as we went along. We can learn quite a bit from our past selves.

Children are quite gullible and we were probably no exception. Today things aren’t quite as they used to be, we’re older now. With age it seems that what was once quite empty has become quite full. Our past has filled itself to the brim with how we see the world and time has, in some, cured these learned perspectives into a seemingly unbreakable surface. Along the way we may have found it more difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of others. Is this simply another learned behavior?

I bid to you that this behavior is quite limiting and habitual in nature. It can be unlearned with a little practice and mindfulness. We can more easily allow ourselves to step into the shoes of others to gain insight on their perspective of the world if we simply value expanding our own understanding over holding onto old wrung out truths we’ve been holding onto as gospel. We may find that what we know is simply a snapshot, a small sliver of the entire picture.

I wish for you happiness, freedom, and relaxation.

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