The Communicator

Nearly 75 percent of all communication is misunderstood, improperly received. While we understand that others perceive the world around them in a way that is unique to them, not equivalent to our own perception, we may not fully embody the notion. When we engage in communications with others this is important to take into consideration. What they unpack from our communication may very well be not what we intended to send.

When we send out a communication we typically are then awaiting a response. The message is received by the other and they view it through their pair of lenses. It is then understood as they see it to be and they may or may not conjure up an emotional response to its reception, the response need not be negative it very well could be positive. This road works both ways as we are subject to the same experience. An interesting two way street, I believe that we can utilize two important factors to our advantage here.

When we wish to communicate with another we are responsible for providing top notch clarity in our message. This helps the other digest what they have been sent in a more accurate fashion. As the conversation progresses things may require a bit of balancing and polishing. Just as cars bestow unto us warning lights we are able to find such interface in conversation. If we notice that an ill seated feeling arises in us or in the other it is a signal that we may need some polishing and balancing.

We are able to bring the first factor into play here. Our emotional intelligence. For example, instead of watering a seed of anger if it blossoms in the midst of communication we can identify this signal and go to work. By utilizing our well developed emotional intelligence we can more easily avoid emotional disturbances within our own lines of perception upon the receipt of someone’s message.

By deploying the second factor, asking questions, we can begin to better understand the other’s position. By doing so we are more easily able to identify if our messages have been received as we intended them to be. If we find that the other has indeed received the message we are looking to send we may progress and attempt to see the received message ourselves but through their set of glasses. This is of utmost importance in conversation and communication in general. Ultimately the implementation of such a system can help us in our relationships, business, and even in other’s interactions if we find ourselves in a mediator position.

I wish for you success, well being, and freedom. Take care friend.

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