Power in Speech

The way in which we communicate throughout our day leaves a lasting impression on our internal state. You’ve likely heard that as humans we are creatures of habit but have you given thought to just how far this idea goes? We can spot this quite simply in the way in which we begin to brush our teeth. The chances are high that we have a habitual start to our brushing, we begin on one favorable side of our mouth due to the habit we’ve formed. These habits quite easily spill over into our mannerisms. The way in which we conduct our speech in private in public is based largely on habit.

Words are a two way street of which we are able to choose the direction we wish to drive. Our words can be used to build up in constructive ways & they can also be used to deconstruct and cause harm. As emotional creatures we are affected by both in an emotional way. Other’s have the same power and choice of speech, while we are certainly impacted by this side of the coin we are focused here more so on how we impact ourselves by our own speech. Let’s look a little deeper.

When we return home from a long day often times we’ve interacted with quite a few different folks along our way, all presenting opportunities for us to dig into our habitual behaviors of speech. One might consider taking note of how their communications leave an echo that lasts longer than the words that left our mouth. The way in which we conduct ourselves through our speech and action leaves an interesting impression on our internal state, sometimes for quite awhile.

If we choose to conduct ourselves in a righteous way with speech that is constructive rather than destructive we may notice that what is left in the wake are remembrances & echos of delectable feelings. These echos that may come in the form of images or raw emotion tied to a direct experience replay in our mind often times without our choosing. They may even be strong enough to summon a spontaneous smile. What a great feeling indeed.

Alternatively our habits may have formed with a little bit of rust around the edges. We may find that we indulge in distasteful or hurtful interaction with others throughout our day. This is such a common occurrence today that sometimes this can even feel expected of you. Let me tell you, you do not have to take part if this is the case and taking some time to investigate how such interaction is a burden unto yourself may pry you from your routine, possibly encouraging others to follow suit simply by taking notice of your change.

The use of our speech for destruction & deconstruction works much like the use of positive communication but we are left with something much less desirable. We may notice that we become plagued with the burden of the echos that haunt us after destructive use of our speech. The experiences themselves likely create tension within us held in our shoulders, chest, and facial expression. It really doesn’t end there, after the fact we may find that we dwell on the interaction. An argument or disagreement handled in a de-constructive way may leave us bickering among ourselves thinking of what we should have or could have said or done.

It is important we keep in mind that hearing, seeing, and becoming familiar with the repercussions of such interaction through possibly a blog like my own is only a seed planted. We must do the real work of investigating our own experiences in and around ourselves in our own lives to truly extrapolate the bud that has the potential to then flower. It is my most sincere hope that you do go forth and monitor what we’ve gone over previously. You may find a very simple way to turn your stress upside down.

I wish for you sincere happiness, fulfillment, and personal sovereignty.

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