Feelings of Home

Let us set aside just a few moments now to think about where we feel most at home. Go ahead, the write up won’t be going anywhere and you can even come back later if you find its taking more time than you thought it might. Today I sat in my study and I realized that I feel most pleasantly at home here in my seat at the start of my day. Coffee in hand, laptop open, and diving into my research puts my mind in a state of ease. It is all very routine for me now but it hasn’t always been this way. Not too long ago there was certainly a resistance that surrounded the whole ordeal.

After you’ve brought to mind your ‘home base’ feel free to give me a little insight into what puts you at ease and gives you that at home feeling in the comments below, I’d love to take a minute to read it over. The interesting thing about these special places is that most times you aren’t even aware that you’re settling in until it hits you one day out of the blue or you decide to give it some thought like we are here. Maybe this investigation will shed some light onto those moments of your day in which you’re primed for relaxation and possibly even productivity. Through this exercise we might find that we are able to take advantage of this understanding by grounding ourselves to those pleasant states when we settle into them.

The interesting thing about our ‘home base’ be it a specific place in general or be it tied to a certain routine is that it is quite malleable. We have probably gathered from moving throughout our lives, that what we consider our actual home is fairly interchangeable over periods of time. The same principle is at play here. When we visit this exercise of thought here today our minds tend to automatically funnel into one specific instance in our day or life in which we get that at home feeling. This feeling need not have limits, it is quite possible to derive this feeling from more than one part of our day is it not?

Since we are primed in these states for relaxation, productivity, or whatever it may be now that we know that the at home feeling can be generated or settled into through following a routine and that it is not bound to one specific instance throughout our day we can approach this phenomenon with some tact behind us. In looking back at my example of what made me feel at home, in turn for this comfort I’ve found at my study that I am able to more easily slip into a flow state. My productivity benefits greatly from my new found comfort here at my desk. Where might you be able to apply such a process to cultivate productivity or whatever it may be in areas of your life where you’d like to excel? Keep in mind that your future is made here and now. Not later, not tomorrow, and surely not next month.

I wish for you growth, success, and sincere fulfillment. Take care!

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