Life’s Pie

On the surface a pie may seem to be cut in a way which provides clean, clear, and equal portions to all who desire a piece. When we dig a little deeper, it is only then upon attempting to retrieve a piece of the pie that we may find this is not always the case. If you’ve ever eaten pie you’ve likely experienced a piece that wasn’t quite sliced all the way through to the bottom of the pan. The piece may have broken or given a little tussle before giving way to your plate.

On a daily basis each and every one of us line up to take a piece of life’s pie. Some with rather good luck are able to seemingly reliably retrieve a piece quite cleanly cut from the tin while others are not so lucky. Like a pie, life too is divided upon its surface. Each division may contain the events of the future, the present, and even of the past for the individual who claims it. Some pieces served are topped with a delicious whipped topping while others are prone to crumble or tear. Not every day will we receive a piece not to our liking. Even if we’ve gotten quite a delicious piece of the pie on any particular day, we must remain aware of the fact that others may not be enjoying theirs.

When we are given a piece of pie it is likely that we will have a reaction to it. If we particularly enjoy what we see we are certainly going to dig in and partake till our heart is content. If we find that the piece we’re served is quite revolting that will probably not be the case. The moods of others and the negativity that they may project out into the world could very well be simply because they’ve a bad piece of the pie or maybe even what they feel to be a string of such bad luck.

When we perceive such an individual acting out or having troubles it is important that we remember this simple example. Their situation may be less than desirable on that particular day or even on that week, month, or year. By remembering such we are able to be more compassionate as we can remind ourselves that they need not yet another serving of unsightly pie upon their plate.

I wish for you growth, success, and happiness. Take care friend!

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