Reinvent Yourself

Personality. “… a characteristic set of behaviors, cognitions, and emotional patterns that evolve from biological or environmental factors.” To me this seems a little disempowering. What the dictionary won’t tell you is that before you get out of bed every morning you’re given another chance. A chance to make a change in yourself and in the lives others… to be someone different than you were yesterday. So why aren’t we all taking advantage of this?

Nobody said it was easy to make a choice to reinvent yourself and that’s because its not. We tend to complicate things for ourselves in many different ways, most times working harder to stagnate than to evolve. We can empower ourselves by taking note of the many different ways we unknowingly disempower ourselves to avoid making effective choices.

One of the most common methods we use to get in our own way is by limiting our choices to the things we see as being possible or reasonable. The reality is that we do not know what exactly is possible or even reasonable until we have honestly given it our best. Limiting yourself in this way disconnects you from what you truly want in life.

When we do want to make a change we tend to focus on the process. We often get so caught up in the processes to get the results we want, that we lose sight of the vision we had for ourselves in the first place. It’s like driving a car down a road, if you’re not looking at where you want to go you’re going to lose track and end up in a ditch.

It’s also common to put things off until we just can’t ignore them any longer. The things that lurk in the back of your head all day, labeled to the do later category. What we are doing is avoiding the discomfort or the pressure of taking on these problems but we actually create discomfort and pressure by doing this.

How many ways are you holding yourself back? It’s time to wake up to these disempowering coping mechanisms. Start by developing a clear vision of the person you want to be, make a fundamental choice to become that person and connect the dots.

“A thousand-mile journey begins with the first step and can only be taken one step at a time.”

Stephen R. Covey

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