Class Is In Session

Mistakes happen often. Some of them are easier to own up to than others but there’s always a lesson packed within life’s unfortunate events. Looking deeper into these mistakes we can begin to grow from them instead of being stunted by them. In the moments after they occur we can hold them close to us like a badge of honor, there’s no need to be ashamed of them as they are our teachers.

Owning up to our mistakes helps others see us in a more positive light after the fact. If our misfortune has impacted another or even a group of individuals we can be left in the spotlight and it can be a bit uncomfortable at first to bite the bullet and admit fault because of this. The teacher of a class doesn’t typically teach a lesson to only one student. Opening yourself up to be the example for others can help spread the lesson within the group or people involved.

Even if its not directly a team effort to come up with a solution or to evaluate why the error has occurred the group will be less focused on the potential gossip of the cover up, because one doesn’t exist, and they’ll be more prone to being focused on what is being done to address it if anything needs done at all. Keep in mind that there are two faces to every coin, we can play either side of the field here.

We cannot control the actions of others but we can surely control our actions. Its important for us to understand that we can learn from the things that don’t go so right just as much as we can learn from our successes. If we understand this principle we can apply it to ourselves like an ointment and it will foster the potential for growth to new heights.

“Cynics criticize, and winners analyze.”

Robert T. Kiyosaki

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