Though we’ve been laggards in some regards, we’ve come quite far in the last two hundred years. If you look back even further at the span of the last one thousand years we’ve made almost unimaginable progress. These innovations along the way have been extremely useful but would you agree that there are also some negative aspects that come along with them?

Living in a world so plugged in can drastically alter our relationship with the outside world. Just within my lifetime I have witnessed massive changes in the way things are, as expected. For example, a simple walk through the old neighborhood in which I spent a majority of my youth will reveal empty porches and streets quite frequently. Not too long ago those streets and grassy bits were full of children at play. What changed? Aren’t we more connected than we’ve ever been?

It goes without saying that quite a bit has in that small skip of time. What have we lost within the frames of those larger portions of time? Some would say that we’re so caught up in the technology and gadgets that we’re losing our touch with mother nature. Some may not particularly miss the blistering sun and the sweltering heat of the summer months but that’s not all the earth has to offer.

I am familiar with only a splinter of the fungal kingdom. Just a few of the fungi I see in the wild I am able to properly identify in terms of their name and edibility. There’s much more to learn and explore out there and I am making an effort to better understand the trees and other wildlife inhabiting the natural world that surrounds me. Just this sliver is enough to get a real taste of what I’ve been missing out on and I feel it is a deep seated seed that a majority of people could benefit from watering.

Consider connecting to the world around you in some way. This could be a simple walk on a fair weathered evening through an arboretum, on a trail, or similar. Such a small act can very easily boil over into other aspects of your life. You may find that mother nature has more to offer you than simply the sights. Peace of mind alone is worth finding.

“It is only ideas gained from walking that have any worth.”


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