Full Throttle

We are in a way like our car’s engine. The engine is not created to run consistently at full throttle and neither are we. If we don’t let up the engine will create tremendous amounts of heat and it will eventually begin to break down. The unmonitored byproduct of strenuous work, tension, can do the same to us. The effects can be equally as devastating.

With this insight in mind we can begin to look at ourselves in a new way as we meet every day. Engines and bodily functions under stress will most times send us signals the roots of which are sometimes difficult to identify. Though we approach each new day with a focused desire to excel in what we do, we are mindful of the fact that our best will always be changing.

What we find ourselves emotionally and physically capable of doing today may be completely different than the set of challenges we may be poised to take on tomorrow. This seems to be the natural way of things and being mindful of this truth can prove to be beneficial for us and those around us.

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