Something Deeper Than That

We’ve all heard the saying that nothing good comes easy. Its generally widely accepted that taking shortcuts doesn’t always pay off, sometimes they do though and that’s great. Unfortunately we typically find in life that those longer projects pay more dividends. The screwdriver doesn’t finish the job in one turn. It takes multiple twists to even begin to round the bend to the finish line.

Some may be left feeling a little confused when confronted with the question of how they should begin working toward something deeper. This is something I experienced when I first set out to do something. Originally, I had no idea as to what exactly I wanted to do all I knew is that I wanted to do something. Figuring out what you want to do with your life is a time consuming process in itself. If you’re feeling the call to something bigger and better its time to take action today, not tomorrow.

For some setting aside time to think about what they want to do with themselves is good enough and they can hit their mark without much effort but for others it takes a bit more work than that. For me it took a lot of doing. Going through life picking things up and putting them down until I felt like a complete fool doing so as I was certainly getting nowhere fast. It first began as a job search. I went from job to job and flipped through listings and online searches for quite a long time covering a vast amount of fields from technological jobs, law enforcement, and work in agriculture. None of them sounded like anything I’d like to do for 30 years or more.

A job came by that gave me quite a bit of responsibility and I was set up with an office. This felt like a great accomplishment as it was the definition of what I was made to believe was the good life and I was still young to boot. It quickly became apparent that this was surely not the way I wished to live. The office was small and there were odd dramas spewing from the seams as with most workplaces. After a bit of time passed I left, following another opportunity.

I ventured the less traveled route. I started picking up loads of hobbies and I worked jobs that made ends meet in the mean time, these hobbies ended up costing me a pretty penny as time went on and a lot of them never ended up going anywhere. Eventually I stumbled upon what I was looking for and I grabbed hold.

Don’t be afraid to shuffle through the deck of cards that life has to offer. Doing so, I believe, is an important part of growth and development. Just as anything else worthwhile the process is not a particularly easy one but it could pay off big time in the end. How will you know what you love to do if you’ve never given yourself the opportunity to do it?

“Let your mind become a lens, thanks to the converging rays of attention; let your soul be all intent on whatever it is that is established in your mind as a dominant, wholly absorbing idea.”

Antonin-Dalmace Sertillanges

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