Like A Sponge

Today you’re able to find a teacher for just about anything. The internet has connected us to a global audience. Its now easier than ever before to access information and instructors without putting forth much effort at all. You can likely recall one or more teachers off of the top of your head that have helped you more easily understand something be it simple or complex.

Its also likely that over time you’ve came across a specific instructor you’ve come to really enjoy. Their teachings really seem to resonate with you and you seem to gain mastery much quicker through their instruction than you would with another. This is a great achievement as we all know that the online world can be full of clutter. It’s not always so forthcoming with its treasures.

Once we find that teacher we can become almost entirely absorbed in their instruction quite naturally and most times for good reason. Time passes and we soak up what they spill like a sponge, we resonate with the instructor something reminiscent of a tuning fork. We’re feeling quite good about our progress as we should be.

We can become so fixated on the instruction that we forget the vast ocean of knowledge packed away behind our thinning computer screens. Just as the wood carver must view his work from multiple angles as he goes, we may consider doing the same with our education. If you notice that you’ve been chugging away at one outlet for quite awhile now, you may consider reaching out to other sources of information as well. One good teacher is good, but two is great. This will help us become a more beautifully carved sculpture ourselves.

“…as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight.”

Robertson Davies

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