Running Wheels? Not Us.

A quick google search will show the many plastic and metal wheels available for purchase. You’ll find them in all sorts of different materials, sizes, designs, colors, and the like. What you won’t find however are the many wheels we can easily slip into in life. The ones that aren’t so easy to identify for some. They’re surely able to keep us feeling like we already run at full boar when we are really capable of much more.

Arnold Bennett, twentieth century English writer, brings our attention to a quite common modern day wheel in his book how to live on 24 hours a day. He speaks in part of man considering his day to be nothing but the ten to six, or similar, of which he works. “to which the ten hours preceding them and the six hours following them are nothing but a prologue and epilogue.”

This is a dangerous wheel to be caught up in as it can be devastating to our productivity and to our very livelihood. It is important to be able to identify the ways in which we install limits upon ourselves in life and this is one fairly large limitation we are now able to more easily shed light on. There is much to do on this chess board of life and we are genuinely capable of much more than we allow ourselves.

Thank you for stopping in today. I wish for you health, wealth, and happiness.

“Average Americans today work four to five months for the government just to cover their taxes.”

Robert T. Kiyosaki

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