Carving Out Opportunity

For most of us in the developed world at any point in your day nearby or even at your very fingertips you’ve access to an absolutely massive amount of information. A vast majority of this information is available for free and the pieces that are not are often times able to be found elsewhere. Kings and scholars of a time not far gone would be envious. These technologies are still fairly new and we are learning how to best put them to use across the world even to this day.

It is our responsibility to put this good fortune to use. Opportunity doesn’t always come on its own and most times it must be carved out of the marble of life by those searching for it. What better time to create your own doorways in life than now. By making a focused effort to better educate ourselves through what is available to us we can bring value to the communities we live in and to the people that surround us. We can even forge potentially life changing opportunities for others along the way, profoundly changing the lives of others in the process.

“The person who doesn’t read is no better off than the person who can’t read.”


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