One Shot

Sweat was dripping from his brow as he readied himself for the shot of the gun. He could see its shadow cast along the textured, rubbery track beneath his feet. It shined in the sun, perched atop an outstretched arm. POP. One shot rang out among the crowded stadium. The runners were off and he found himself neck and neck with first place. Coming up alongside him he anxiously awaited seeing the reaction on his rivals face as he whizzed by at what felt like the speed of sound, the shot still ringing in his left ear. He gave chase like a jaguar to its prey, finally passing him on the right only to notice his rival was… reading a book? “Unbelievable,” he thought, “I must be dreaming!”

Life doesn’t have to be a race. As human beings we are naturally bad at estimating the time it takes to complete long term goals or complex work. Often times the actuality is that it will take us much longer than we anticipated. If you find yourself feeling pressured in the pursuit of your development or similar and there is no mandated deadline, you may find comfort in reminding yourself that the process is not a race. There is a finish line, in some cases it isn’t going anywhere and you will likely make it where you’d like to go with consistent effort.

We produce the best results when we allow ourselves to become invested in our work as we do it. Trying to get things done as soon as possible will lead to a decrease in the quality of work that we produce. When things don’t have a specified deadline we have the opportunity to invest the best of ourselves into such matters. During such its only right to allow ourselves to really shine as we are capable of great things.

I wish for you happiness, wealth, and health. Stay grounded friend.

“By fighting you never get enough but by yielding you get more than you expected.”

Old Proverb

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