You’re the sole proprietor of your own growth. As you may have heard before, the change comes from within you. Even if you’ve got the best coach in the world on your behind lighting a fire the size of Manhattan, its up to you to make it happen. We must hold ourselves accountable for any growth we look to make.

Holding ourselves accountable for the growth we expect is a key component to keeping the fire burning. Though simple, this strategy is grossly undervalued by many. Plenty of the greats throughout history have followed this simple principle. For example, Benjamin Franklin wished to rid himself of undesirable traits that were brought to his attention. He formulated a simple but effective set of thirteen virtues which included order, silence, humility, and sincerity. After he compiled his list he stuck them in a small pocket sized notebook and monitored himself throughout each day in an attempt to gain mastery.

He did not ultimately grow to be infallible as he readily admits in his book but he did improve substantially, practically to complete mastery. Holding himself accountable in a very physical sense brought the issues at hand to the real world. It grounded him to the virtues he hoped to habituate himself to, he bought them with him at all times. He even brought them over the open waters during bouts of travel. We too may consider the benefits of holding ourselves accountable for our goals in a similar fashion. There are benefits to be had and accomplishments to be made.

I wish for you happiness, health, and good fortune.

“What gets measured gets improved.”

Peter Drucker

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