Everything we do leaves its mark. Memories weak and strong, habits lost and made. Life maps itself within our heads like water inscribes its history into dried creek beds. At first the paper pushes back to a crease but with a little effort it yields to your will. Unfold it and the paper will practically fall over on itself from now on. The paper folds both ways, this principle does too. It can help us or it can hurt us.

We’ve all tried to build new habits. Ever heard of that thirty day rule? That saying has been around for awhile, the one that says you’ll form a new habit after just thirty days, sometimes even twenty one. Not always the case but a good starting point. If you do happen to make it near twenty one days, you’ll have definitely felt your piece of paper pushing back. “Maybe I’ll just skip out on that today.” Sound familiar? Of course not, you’re a freakin’ star. Right?

Don’t feel bad, its pretty normal. In fact, if we can identify that voice inside our heads pushing back we know its working. The river is flowing and its cutting out a riverbed for us up there. Keep going and you’re bound to be on the right track to making a change. Remember how that paper goes right back to the fold after its been squared away? Well our minds will do just the same with our habits, good and bad. It’s the reason why a lot of people make great habits but find it so easy to go back to the ways things were if they’re not careful.

Set wind to those sails partner. There’s still time today to make it happen, whatever that may be.

“Compared with what we ought to be, we are only half awake.”

William James

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