Living Life Like The Movies

When you think about a good story, what do you think of? It could be the kind of story that might end up in the form of a book, one acted out on television, in a movie, or even just as spoken word. Fact or fiction, stories typically play out the exciting parts of life. A good long story will have its dull points, the less than exciting lead up to the highlights.

When you’re watching a good movie are you engaged with what is on the screen? Following along, putting two and two together, that sort of thing? Or are you disinterested, disengaged and unhappy with what is going on up until those peak moments? You probably find yourself engaged, following along with quite a bit of interest. You derive satisfaction from more than just the high points. Life works quite a lot like a story that you might find in a movie from time to time, wouldn’t you agree?

It goes without saying that quite a bit of life passes by rather hum drum. If we only had Hollywood to teach us about life we would expect peak moments around every corner. From experience we know this is not always the case. But if life works in a way similar to a movie, why aren’t we enchanted by the conglomerate of dull moments. These make up a massive portion of our lives. If we learn how to enjoy the sometimes dull and grindy build up to the higher moments in our lives we can squeeze more out of life.

We can gain a better appreciation of this build up by creating tension. Mapping out our goals and taking the time to think about what we truly want to do is a great start. We will be able to better understand why we are doing what we do day in and out and it will help keep us grounded when we are tired, exhausted, or not feeling the greatest.

I wish for you happiness, health, and wisdom.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

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