Every second, every minute, you’re the maestro of your time. It belongs to you and if you’ve got the freedom to choose what you do with this time you’re fortunate. Some individuals today still do not have this freedom and throughout history you can find a severe lack of this freedom of choice in many places on the timeline. Its time we take responsibility for owning our time if we aren’t already.

We can start by utilizing a simple but effective word, no. It may seem that this is quite obvious but far too many people today willingly unwillingly give away bids of their free time to others even if they feel they’d like not to. By doing this we sacrifice the most valuable asset we own and if we’ve the freedom to use it as we please we can use this asset to improve ourselves and the lives of those around us. Our families, friends, and communities could all benefit from us stepping up to bat.

Your ability to bring value to this world is immense. We must be the maestro of our own time to manifest such value. I wish for you happiness, peace, and success.

“Complaining is finding faults, wisdom is finding solutions.”

Ajahn Brahm

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