Digital Animal

People save. Not just in video games but in banking. If you’re among the type to do so, you’re in luck. You’ve probably got enough to cover your next emergency, you can even reach out and lend a helping hand sometimes to others in their time of need. If you’re not the type that saves, well.. things aren’t exactly like walking on easy street. Saving money can really pay off and its easy to get caught up in stacking the dough, for good reason!

It’s important to remember that while money holds value in saving our behinds, paying our bills, and even in saving the skin of our neighbor that while it is in a bank it exists as a number. This may sound quite obvious and the notion is a bit nuanced because those numbers can be instantly translated into tangible things. Does the power lay in the hands of the tangible or in the hands of the digital? An interesting question indeed.

Oddities aside regardless of what we believe to be most powerful, we require tangible things to more easily manipulate the world around us. With an axe we can cut a tree to gather the logs that give rise to the flame which warms our families, with a pen we can write, and with the know how behind those words we can change the world. While money is a most fascinating and powerful thing we must remember to take root to the experiential rather than the digital from time to time so that we can cultivate change, value, and the expression of our talents.

I wish for you success, happiness, and good fortune.

“Well done is better than well said.”

Benjamin Franklin

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