Thirty Days

What a speed demon time can be, it passes so quickly. As of today its been thirty days since the blog was started. Before this attempt on an actual webpage I tried several times in an offline format to maintain daily writings. All of those attempts apart from this one had fizzled out. This was likely in part to me trying to implement so many different new habits into my life at one time and that’s okay. I’m not too sure that there are many good things, if any, that have stuck with me from the get go.

I bring up our pal Benjamin Franklin quite a bit but in his pursuit of cementing his own array of valued virtues he makes reference to the way in which a man weeds his garden. He reminds us that a man does not pull every weed at once and that best practice is to go after each weed on an individual basis. If we undergo the pursuit of our habit forming in this same way we will certainly benefit. We aren’t perfect and we certainly never will be but by swinging our hammer at the wall on more than one occasion we can and will break through.

As we are speaking of time, you may or may not know from my original post of my venture with the fungi. Fungi is what I believe to be a potential calling for me and in a short while, this upcoming May, I will be relocating to set root for my mushroom farm. As I go I anticipate that I will be able to cultivate a deeper connection with others in the community by providing my advice and services. There’s quite a lot to learn still but I am looking forward to the ordeal. I have lived in the Dayton area for quite a long time and I feel it is time for a change of scenery that will potentially bring quite the opportunity.

As I do particularly enjoy writing here on this blog, I want to thank everyone who takes part in reading my rambling pieces. If even one of them helps someone it is surely a worth while activity.

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