Bamboo Shoots of Stress

When you’re feeling quite stressed out do you feel like you can take on more or do you feel like you need to lighten the load? Generally those under stress would report that they feel quite over encumbered by life. You’d be hard pressed to find many people packing on a heavier work load under normal circumstances during such times though exceptions do exist for better or for worse.

This all boils down to what we ‘feel’ like we can take on. History has shown humans just like you and I are capable of outstanding feats. I believe that our ability to manage stress in a healthy way is directly related to our ability to juggle such strenuous situations as well as for how long we can maintain. This notion doesn’t just apply to outstanding feats, it easily carries over into our every day lives.

If we develop the habits that chop away at the bamboo shoot of stress we will find that such practice allows for almost every area in our lives to flourish. It will certainly take time but sooner or later you will find that the things you once found difficult become much easier. The task just is but the voice in our mind frustrates it so.

I wish for you success, freedom, and contentment in life. Enjoy today.

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