The Mountain

Once you’ve climbed the mountain and you’re looking back from the peak are you still experiencing the difficulty of the climb or have things evened out? This would be a question for the experts, I’ve never climbed a mountain so I don’t know. If I had to guess I’d say that you enter a period of calm where you settle into the lull in your journey after such an arduous task. Once you’ve had your fill of the sights or your oxygen supply beckons, you’re ready to take on more. You practically have to if you’re interested in getting back down. Mother nature provides no tickets to her ski lift.

We experience the same throughout our journey of self actualization. In working to become the best we can be we find we are consistently put to the test throughout the process. Things can become quite difficult to handle, this occurs not just within this small corner of life. Eventually though we find ourselves through it as conquerors or as the conquered and as we proceed with the tremendous challenges behind us we replenish ourselves and come to realize that we are able and ready to take on more.

By keeping this fact in mind through our difficult times in life we are able to more easily ground ourselves to the experiences we are having while they are happening. We no longer feel such a need to hide from the realities with which we are faced. This might mean fully being there for our loved ones during critical moments of compromised health, or even opening ourselves up to an increased level of clarity & focus on a difficult and complex task. In all situations we will come out on the other side with a sense of satisfaction knowing that we took these challenges head on, applied directly to the forehead, and we most certainly will reap the reward of better than average results where possible. Are you ready to take on more of the world yet?

I wish for you happiness, health, and contentment.

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