Little Bites of Life

We can learn quite a lot from just a bowl of hot food. Sometimes we make the mistake of biting off more than we can chew per-say and in the process our mouths feel the pain. Alternatively, we can exercise patience. Waiting until the contents of the bowl cool before we take on our dish, most rewarding. Sometimes we cannot bear to wait and we approach with a little restraint, taking small but delicious bites. Only a fool would without hesitation to demand his fill from a piping hot dish after once burned.

Our lives work quite the same. If we obtain what we are not ready for we burn ourselves, feeling the pain and experiencing the suffering tied to the untimely receipt of whatever it may be. If we are wise to such suffering we may approach with a bit of restraint, taking only small bites out of life at a time. We test the waters before we dive in head first and in the end we end up experiencing much less pain and suffering. Small bites are less burdensome and much more manageable. We may also find that out of wisdom, we wait. Patience and tact in taking on life is worth a boatload of bullion, this is self evident.

I wish for you success, contentment, and fair weathered days.

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