Uniquely You

When we set out to do something new we often find that imitation is the easiest point of entry. We have done this from our very beginning. As babies we took in everything happening around us. Over time we learned to conduct ourselves appropriately and we took our place in the human experience. We learned how to move our mouths and tongues in such a manner to produce language so that we could reach out to others as they reached out to us and soon we began to speak in sentences but we didn’t sound exactly like grandma did we?

We took our own unique set of characteristics and applied it with a beautiful brush stroke to our life. With layers of paint, happy accidents & the like we became who we are and who we see ourselves to be. It is important that we carry this over to the work that we produce. When we allow ourselves to be free from the templates that we once took to and learned from the most beautiful works of art can come to fruition. This is what the people want.

The people you seek to reach with your work are looking for what is uniquely you. They don’t want a generic store shelf experience, they want what only you can bring to the table. That is not always easy to find and that is precisely why it is an art. Only you will be able to paint the picture of your own creation, we do this through getting to know ourselves. By doing the most difficult work like exploring, growing, making mistakes, showing up and figuring out what makes us tick we find what the people want. What they want is you and its time we give it to them.

I wish for you contentment, wisdom, and freedom.

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