The River of Life

Dr. Livingstone made it his life’s mission to find the source of the Nile in Africa. He spent essentially his entire existence on this planet in pursuit of this goal. His journey took him through uncharted territory and his eyes beheld simply astounding sights as he ventured through the continent. He met cannibals and tribes unknown to the world he left behind, sending back written word of his travels to enlighten the minds of many as he went forward into uncertainty.

His adventures seem quite extraordinary, do they not? I’d like to wager that your life is no different in many ways and that you too should enlighten the world unto your experience here. Dr. Livingstone may have followed magnificent and mysterious tributaries but I do wonder if he ever considered how the river was running straight through him? It runs through you as well, it always has and it always will. That river is life.

Sometimes calm and other times quite turbulent, our lives flow through us with each passing moment that flits into and out of our consciousness. Taken for granted? Sure, sometimes but that’s okay. If everyone in the audience knew the trick behind the magic the magician performed on stage it wouldn’t be as interesting. This notion doesn’t apply fully to the situation at hand. By becoming aware of this river of life flowing through us we can appreciate it for what it is while it is happening and by doing so it becomes even more interesting, and beautiful. Simple but ever so effective.

Get out there and create, do and give back. There’s a world full of people who need what you are capable of.

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