The Midas Touch

Evidence of our connection to others bursts from the seams these days. Most of what we do, right down to flushing our toilet is dependent on others. It goes without saying that a majority of the things we interact with every day came from the hands and work of another. We take part in this interesting and complex web every day of our lives.

Who comes to mind when we think of someone who makes an impact on others? When I asked myself this question the first person to come to mind was Ajahn Brahm. I certainly feel that his contributions have been vast over his lifetime. Who did you think of? Feel free to share in a comment below.

When this question was asked our mind jumped to the most relevant and likely well known person we could come up with. They have probably done quite a bit to create such an impact to land on your radar but have you ever thought about your impact? How many different ways do we interact with the world and those within it in during an average day? We may encounter such interaction at work, at the mailbox, in a park, or even walking down the street. Each and every encounter presents a chance to be the best we can be.

Every time we decide to reach out in a given situation to be the best we can be we take advantage of a precious opportunity to make a difference. We add our own strand to the web. It can be something as small as a smile or as big as feeding an entire city or larger. No action is unworthy for it may be the one to completely make someones day. Take some time to consider someone or something that has made a memorable positive impact on you in the past. Someone or something that has come into your life for however long and just made a massive positive impact.

You can be this person for someone every single day you’re here.

I wish for you success, growth, and peace.

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