The Wash Cycle of The Mind

Everything we experience is put through the wringer of our minds, for better or for worse. The moment we perceive something it can be broken down into all sorts of different categories, seemingly in an instant. This is something we are extremely good at and it happens without much effort on our behalf. We have also become adept at breaking down events in our minds that have yet to occur, sending our imagined perceptions on an adventure through a similar process.

When we take aim at a specific activity our mind comes alight, it begins to analyze, breaking the planned activity into the various nuts and bolts. This process can be tiresome as we flip the pages of our perceived manual back and forth looking through the fine print of how we think things might go for us. While this process can be quite beneficial, it is important that we do not allow it to get in the way of our ambitions. Stagnation will only serve to disappoint us.

Take public speaking for example. If we mull over our venture ahead for far too long we may get hung up in the imagined details, creating a sense of nerve before we have even gotten a chance to take on the experience. Sometimes I wonder how many great things have been stunted by such rumination. The next time this happens to you try to consider a time like it in the past in which the show went on. Odds are that when the actual event came to pass that you did much better than you imagined yourself to, even if the road was a rocky one.

To bigger and better places friend. I wish for you success, growth, and happiness.

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