Throughout the process of our development it’s quite natural to seek out landmarks of our growth along the way. Like a pioneer on the frontier we’re on a mission. Our mission is to better ourselves and we enjoy knowing that we are on the right track but the landmarks we seek to find are much different than those in the times of old, these landmarks come from within ourselves.

As a creator we conjure up value from the realm of idea. We may come to find that we love to see our work out in the world. What we do has the power to move people and even to change lives. I wager that it could be easily considered one of the most satisfying things in life. Bringing such value to others doesn’t always come easy and these mythical landmarks only exist if we chisel them out of thin air ourselves.

We are quite capable of some magnitude of production. If we worry not about the quality of what we produce it is very possible for us to spin out endless amounts of wool from our loom. Wool spun in this fashion is suitable for kindling but not much else, it has a very shallow nature to it as it has been hastily spun. It is important for us to remember that what is worth while sometime takes a considerable amount of time. The castle built upon a sturdy foundation lasts the longest.

May your day be full of wonder and your night full of slumber.

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