On The Tip of Your Fingers

The voice inside your head, your mind, can be your worst enemy or your best friend. It is worth taking the time to get to know that voice, you’ll be with yourself for the rest of your time here on Earth. It holds everything from your interests, quirks, and desires to your favorite color of socks. Coming to understand yourself carries weight in gold.

This knowledge is not obtained in passing, it takes quite a bit of work to peel back the layers of your onion. With a consistent, mindful effort you can come to see yourself in quite a different light. Meditation has been most useful for me in this journey. You need not put forth more effort to discover such insights than the effort required to rub together the tips of two of your fingers. The information you will stumble upon is not just idle understanding. With this insight we can more easily understand what makes us tick.

We are too like the hands on the clock dictated by the mechanisms below. If we are unaware of what engines are at work beneath the surface we can be pushed to and fro by our day to day experiences. When we discover what lies behind our anger or our lust, for example, we arm ourselves with that insight and carry it with us from thereon out to call upon in the future as we please. A worthwhile investment that surely pays dividends.

I wish for you peace of mind, freedom, and genuine fulfillment.

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