Life is full of easy times and tough times. Most of us grow up and enter the world hoping for a ride on easy street. If we get what we wish for would this make us into the best version of ourselves that we could become or would we become like the stagnant pond full of muck and grime. Might I remind you that metal must be heated, beaten, and refined by the forces of the blacksmith. In life we are much the same.

Around every corner we are given a chance to grow. We can face life’s rough edges like the cutting edge of a knife to a sharpening stone or we can choose to turn away out of fear of discomfort or struggle. I encourage you to turn toward difficulties, do not hide from challenges and shortcomings. These experiences stand to create the chisel of life, chunking away at us so that we may then step in and delicately carve out the details of which we wish our lives to be.

I wish for you genuine fulfillment, freedom, and peace.

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