The next time you’re out and about at the workplace or similar keep an ear out for praise being given. You may find that often times your ear will find criticism nine times out of ten as it is much easier for people to point out what is wrong with something rather than what is right about it. This unfortunate reality leaves many people starved for praise and it opens up quite the list of opportunity for us to connect the dots.

If we have not frequented giving praise to others it may feel a bit unusual when we first begin but as time goes on we will be left wondering why we didn’t do it more in the first place. Those in the world doing the right thing should have it be known that their actions do not go unseen. Think of a time in which you were praised for a job well done, how did that make you feel?

The smallest actions of good will sometimes make the biggest impacts.

I wish for you peace of mind, happiness, and freedom.

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