Stories come in different shapes and sizes. They can be true or false, long or short. Human beings have been telling stories in various ways to one another and themselves for quite awhile now. We can even see some of these stories etched into the walls of caves high in the mountains, lost by time. We’ve become quite adept at transferring knowledge to others and it goes without saying that the knowledge we pass on doesn’t have to be accurate.

As we move through our lives we are subjected to all sorts of different stories. They come from ourselves and others sometimes even from inanimate objects. It is important to take into consideration the source of the information that comes from these stories. We can easily take what others convey as fact as true when it is most certainly false. It is not just others of whom we must be weary, we must be mindful of ourselves.

For better or for worse our minds make up stories as well. These stories are vast and quite elaborate in nature so elaborate in fact that we can have ourselves believe falsehood over fact. These stories often times wrap themselves around situations, people, objects, areas, and a long list of other things like a blanket to a newborn child. Most times they exist as an attempt to help us feel comfortable and safe, we love the familiar and unfortunately we may find solace in the untrue to help us feel grounded and well rounded in our understanding.

By taking note of such truth we can begin to more easily step back and ask ourselves if what we know of a place, person, experience, or likewise is rooted in truth or simply hearsay, possibly rooted in belief. By doing so we can more simply open ourselves up to life and the rewards can be great. Experiencing new things, people, and places can bring up new opportunities, friendships, and the like.

I wish for you peace, contentment, and health.

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