Inner Drive

We find ourselves in a world today where we are lucky enough or unlucky enough to be able to get by fairly easily, though this is relative to your location, its generally true for most people who will be reading this. You can quickly find yourself going day by day after awhile of adjusting to the cyclic routines that life demands of you to survive. After awhile it might start to feel like you’re really putting your nose to the grindstone and it can leave you unsatisfied and feeling like there is something more to life.

The grindstone can be your metaphorical phone call from life to wake up if you let it. Inside you likely feel in some way or another that you want to and are capable of contributing to something meaningful to you and you’re right. Everyone holds unique personal skillsets and talents that will lay dormant without action, if you know what these are already that’s great. If you do not you have to start exposing yourself to as many things you can to find and awaken these talents inside you. Pick up books, research and try out various hobbies and pass times and most importantly give it time.

We are extremely used to things happening quickly and without much effort because of the vast amount of choice and availability most of us have. Self improvement does not work like this and nobody is going to encourage you or motivate you like yourself. You have to get out there and start doing, arming yourself with knowledge will help you make lasting and powerfully impactful changes to yourself and the situations you find yourself in.

All of the epic journeys in life start with the very first steps, they don’t always have to lead you right where you want to go and you don’t always have to even know where you want to go but you must start changing the things you can and educating yourself to move forward if that is what you want to do.

I wish for you happiness, freedom, and health. Thank you for reading.

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