The Monolithic I

Every day we are presented with a vast array of choice and the ways in which we respond can determine a lot. If you choose not to eat, you will probably be hungry eventually and if you choose to eat when you are hungry, you probably won’t be very hungry for too much longer. This is an easy one because the right choice is obvious.. if you don’t want to be hungry you must eat because if you eat you will keep the hunger at bay. Not very much goes into making this decision but an awful lot can go into making the more complex decisions we are faced with especially when other people are watching.

We all have built up an idea of “who we are.” Every time we are faced with any particularly unique challenge that demands choice we are inclined to reference this idea of who we think we are to help determine how we should react or act. This idea can come from those things that people have said about us be it from family, friends or even people we don’t even know. It can also come from our internal dialogue that runs in the background as we go about our day.

Regardless of where your idea of you comes from, it can and will play a large role in the decisions you make on a daily basis if you let it. The important thing to take away from this is pretty simple but sometimes hard to see for what it is, your “idea” of yourself is just that… an idea. Waking up to this notion can be life changing. Don’t feel like you’re held down to this conceptual self, if you’re not satisfied with how things are going for you maybe its time to change things up a bit. You get to choose who you are every single day and you are not bound to one singular “I”.

I wish for you happiness, well being, and peace of mind.

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