Flying Kites

When we create it is not unheard of to be quite proud of what we have made. We put whatever it may be out into the world like a kite strung to a long string, high above for anyone to see. Our kite flies among the rest of them, a field of colors ranging from vibrant to bland. Some are quite remarkable even with exciting designs and eye popping sights. The bland take their place among the clouds filling in where otherwise nothing would exist. They serve as a teacher for those who make them and stepping stones to those who wish to improve.

To one person our kite may be adrift in the air-stream of the bland but to another it may fly high with the vibrant and right. Through the telescopic lens of preference the world views our work. What we make is not for everyone but what we put out there is rightly subject to comment. It is important that we are open to receiving such feedback on our work as some of the criticisms hold the unseen keys we require for our development.

The one who flies the kite for purpose may be known as Benjamin Franklin, the one who flies the kite to fly the kite may be known a winner. I wish for you success, growth, and freedom. Thank you for reading.

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