How Much?

How much is too much and what determines that? Is it you or is it an idea you have of yourself or what you’ve seen from others? Whatever it comes from it almost always is manifested as the voice in your head that keeps you procrastinating and not doing the things you want to do. What would happen if you didn’t listen to that voice?

When was the last time you really took the initiative and got the things done you needed to do and kept on pushing that same day to get those things you want to do checked off your list? You really can push on through much more than you imagine and you can prove this to yourself by making it a point to ignore that procrastinating voice that might be keeping you from doing those things you want to do.

The result is counter intuitive to what we expect it to be, we might see the work to be done as a burden or stressful and exhausting. By actually buckling down and getting the things done that we would like to do we not only build the momentum to keep doing, we feel satisfied. The satisfaction that comes from this lasts longer and has a much deeper sense of accomplishment tied to it. Alternatively if we do not follow through we are left feeling guilty, drained, and even depressed.

I wish for you happiness, peace, and freedom.

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