Tug of War

All of us are going somewhere every day be it in one direction more than any other or vice versa. The results are tangled up in a constant ebb and flow of a push and pull relationship directly in proportion to the actions we take daily. Just like in tug of war, if both teams are pulling equally in two opposite directions, nobody is going to be winning anytime soon. When one team has had enough they pull harder in the other direction which lets them take the lead and sometimes the other team retaliates and pulls harder in their direction, leaving the other side feeling a bit of exhaustion and despair as they begin to equalize once again where they started.

The same thing happens in each of our lives and it only takes a little bit of observation to take witness to this. Instead of two different teams facing off it is just one team and its entirely made up of you.  If we can recognize this constant tug of war between what we want and want we don’t want we can more easily overcome the struggle by creating a vision and maintaining that pull toward where we want to end up daily.

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