No Dividend but Dust

It is quite easy to trust yourself to remember something. In the moment you will feel completely sure that you will be able to recall what is on your mind later in the day or further down the line. It is so clear to us that the idea we’ve got floating around in our thoughts wont be going anywhere. What a surprise for us later when we’ve completely forgotten.

It makes one wonder how many ideas came to people in history, even ourselves, that were just completely lost back into the pool of thought. It is a good idea to begin to take note whenever we feel ourselves give way to this phenomenon. I’ve implemented such a strategy with multiple things in my life, including this blog. With the blog specifically I feel that it has left my brain working in the background as it is encouraged to do so by knowing it will be met with comfort when the list of blogging ideas grows.

The mechanism does not stop there. I feel that by training ourselves in this manner we find that answers & ideas related to other predicaments bubble to the surface more often as well. We may find that our business or some other form of personal development evolves from such insights. Though we may take quite a magnitude of notes it is up to us to act on them. The tool that lays on the shelf collects no dividend but dust.

I wish for you happiness, peace, and freedom. Enjoy today.

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