Ships Lost At Sea

Most Americans work full time jobs. We find ourselves waking up in the morning and preparing for the work day. Most often there’s usually a bit of time before we must go or we go immediately. These days this likely means that we’re out and about nearly 2,080 hours in one year for a standard full time job of 40 hours a week. With a total of 8,760 hours each year this leaves us with an unclaimed 6,680. Even with some of this going to sleep, say 8 hours every night, we end up chopping off another 2,920 hours yearly. This leaves us with 3,760 hours.

I bid to you that within every single one of us exists the drive required to pursue the goals we set. Working full time or even part time is a prime example of what we are capable of in itself. It is not easy to meet the demands of such work, especially if we are prone to dislike what we are currently doing but we carry on. Such drive should not be discounted and if such energy is refined and focused on a singular goal we are capable of changing our life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger once spoke of the importance of vision in a speech he gave. He spoke about how you could have the best ship in the world but if the pilot doesn’t have a goal or a vision of where he wants to go that the ship will just drift around ending up anywhere and possibly in the wrong place. I stress to you the importance of exploring, getting out and doing. This is how we stumble upon and formulate our vision. If we do not give our vision ample opportunity to sprout it will never come to fruition just like a seed without nourishment.

I wish for you success, freedom, and sincere fulfillment. Enjoy your day.

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