To The Future

Its extremely common for us to think about the future. This has many obvious highlights as it is extremely important for us to do so in many different aspects of our lives. For instance, managing our finances with no planning ahead is bound to end in disaster. So far as we know, the future is coming and its coming fast. We aren’t exactly sure that we will be there for the future, there’s a grim chance that we may not be that lingers in the back of our minds where most of the unsavory aspects of life commonly find themselves.

Odds are that we may very well be there for the future and along the way there’s going to be quite a lot of being. A guru once pointed out that if we were to come across a man frantically pushing the waves back into an ocean we would think something is wrong with him. He is plainly engaged in a futile fight. I bid to you that we can come close to those engaged in a similarly futile fight without even knowing it. A man fighting against himself in a battle within his own mind.

One’s mind can be one of the most challenging enemies or the closest of friends. Like a man attempting to sweep the waves back into the ocean, we can engage in mental fisticuffs with ourselves trying to anticipate the unexpected and unwritten of life, fighting back to no avail. Like swatting at the wind in an attempt to change its direction as it pummels us from all sides, we waste our energy writhing in anxieties about the things we cannot control. It is important that we take life as it comes from the present moment. Where applicable apply a tacticians touch. Where it is not hold your head high with the eye of a child. The world is a beautiful place.

I wish for you happiness, peace, and fulfillment. Enjoy today.

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