The Water’s Surface

One must be mindful to exercise caution when carrying a full glass of water. You will find that if you are not, you’ll surely lose some of the cup’s contents. Grab yourself a cup and try it out yourself. Fill it generously to the brim and attempt to place it on a table. Just before you go to set it out move it to the side as if you were to think of placing it somewhere else at the last second, now move it back to which it came.

You may find that if you were mindful to exercise caution that you lost less of the water from the cup, possibly none escaped from the brim. Being careful was in this case a worthwhile venture. At the cost of a little time we were able to keep our cup topped off and tidy. Haphazardly jumping from one place to another, if you were careful to observe, the water began to rock. The surface left quite disturbed when compared to its previous state.

This glass of water can be said to be quite similar to life at times. In the first instance we proceeded with caution, the contents of the cup left still at the surface. Proceeding with caution in our lives from one exploratory venture to the next can at times save face at the expense of time. It goes without saying that time in life is a limited factor. We are responsible for weighing the pros and cons of this expense to our individual situations.

Do remember the study by Amy Wrzesniewski at Yale University that found the people who are happiest in their profession were not the ones that followed their passion from the beginning but those who cultivated a passionate view upon their work through being around for quite some time. We may find that the results of this study shine through in our own lives and before making the choice to jump ship on a venture with quite a load of time behind it we could consider why it would be beneficial weighed versus the cons. Though we should not limit ourselves to be bound to the venture simply based upon time spent.

In the second instance the cup may have spilled over and likely the surface was left a bit unsettled and rocky. This is exactly what happens when we are exploring new ventures in life and we decide to move from one to the next and the third rather quickly. In some cases this is necessary as we are no different than the pathfinder in the jungle. He works to blaze a proper path and not every due course works in his favor.

When we do decide to ‘venture hop’ the surface of our minds is left quite rocky. As the water takes a few seconds to settle itself into its new found resting place, our minds do the same. With each hop we digress in our ability to stand our ground. New found skills are simply more difficult to adapt to than ones we’ve already cultivated or focused on, this is by nature. Yet again we must be aware of such hurdles ahead when we choose to make decisions like these.

I hope you find what you are looking for friend.

May you have peace of mind, happiness, and freedom. Thank you for reading.

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