When we are confronted with “opportunities” either in the workplace or when navigating the social environment, we often times find an odd pressure from some unseen force when we say “no.”, especially when it comes to the work environment.

It doesn’t have to be this way and understanding the mechanics of living a purposeful life can help us overcome these sometimes uncomfortable situations with no regrets. When we develop and carry inside of us a genuine purpose and direction through principles or a personal mission statement that has been refined with the iron hammer of intent, we carry inside of us a burning direction in which we are able to more easily identify the things that truly matter to us.

If you are living a life without this identifiable direction, you may feel pressured to contribute more to your environmental stimuli that many times might not be aligned with what your mission & principles demand of you. This pressure comes from the guilt of not living up to the expectations & priorities of others as well as knowing that what you might be doing on the flip side is less productive.

I wish for you success, well being, and peace.

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