Wisp on the Wind

A majority of life as we experience it to be naturally could be said to be quite bland or uneventful. When we propose such we must be mindful to ask ourselves how we are coming at the equation. Are there limitations to this stance? Why do we feel this way about whatever it may be? To do so I might ask where have I gathered that the events in life are per the former? It may be easy for us to say that we bear witness to such bland activities coming and going but we have learned to see the world in the way I’ve described from somewhere. From here we can see that if it is possible for us to learn to hold a certain outlook that there must exist other potential outlooks to choose from.

When we hold a certain outlook a view from another may certainly seem like a wisp on the wind. Please bear in mind that it is difficult for us to imagine things that we have not directly experienced before. We may feel that we have painted an accurate portrait for ourselves of what it may feel like to hold another outlook on whatever it may be that we are exploring. It is a bit like painting with your eyes closed, even if we are quite good, the picture may not be particularly on par. Knowing that accuracy in such an endeavor is difficult to obtain can come from direct experience among other things.

Life as we have come to see it as we know comes mostly from our experience with the world around us. Our lives are full of interaction with others and as we grow we tend to soak up beliefs, perspectives, and the sort like a sponge. Our understanding and filtration of what we perceive is distilled down into some part of what we find to be ourselves. The process is quite complex, we can even see how some of our perceptions of things stem directly from some of the most important people we’ve been around in our lives if we take a long hard look.

Now that we have explored a bit about how we soak up perceptions like a sponge as we come along and how difficult it can be to step into an imagined perception with accuracy, we can ask ourselves what other possibilities may exist, in regards to the rather repetitive trivium of life. If we are accustom to dreading the trivium we could inspect most easily the complete opposite side to the coin. Is it possible to enjoy the trivium? Indeed it is.

That opposing perspective is quite simple to conjure up for discussion but it is why I am writing this post today. Now lets try to imagine a life in which we were connected to the things we do in such a way that allowed for us to maintain a state of contentment and peace throughout our day. How much of a difference would that make in a person’s life who found the trivium to be distasteful? Explore this notion but keep in mind that our imagination of the reality may not be exactly accurate. Simply knowing such allows us to form a more accurate depiction of what we are chewing on.

Changes in perspective work quite a bit like magnets that are attracted to one another. Once we make a choice to detach from an unwanted perspective a bit of force is required to disconnect. This force need not be abruptly applied, in fact it is best not in most cases. Application and implementation of small things in our lives designed to paddle us toward the imagined reality we wish to create for ourselves most easily guides us through the process.

If you are troubled by something that exists within your mind I encourage you to look deeper.

I wish for you peace, happiness, and genuine fulfillment. As always friend, enjoy today.

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