Thinking Big

Thinking big takes courage and time. These days we find more often than not that individuals aren’t accustomed to the massive stretches of time required to climb the bigger mountains that are conjured up via our desires. Approaching a new and exciting venture can be one of the most challenging things we face in life if we allow it to be and this is why many people struggle with such be it creating a business or checking off the more complex and long term goals from our list.

It is true that time is against us in many different ways but it can also be said that time is our ally. When we find ourselves in the midst of a project that may take five or ten years to refine we can rest assured that within that frame of time we will make many mistakes. Naturally, some mistakes are much worse than others but we can take solace in the fact that with time even some of the most devastating errors can be course corrected by due process.

Marketers and the consumer based society in some areas of the world today would love to have us believe that the things in which we can attain in the shortest amount of time are the best. Just going over that last sentence may be enough to have you wondering why many people within our society are focused on the short term and not the long term. I believe what we can create over the course of five to ten years and even throughout the course of our entire lives has the potential to be much more magnificent and satisfying than what may be on our short term agendas. I’m sure that many would agree with that sentiment.

Suiting up and venturing forward toward greener pastures is sure to get you somewhere but nobody gets where they’d like to go without a vision and a system to keep them on track. Some may find that they were born understanding what they’d like to do with themselves but others must detect that precious metal on their own accord for better or for worse. This may take years, months, or weeks of contemplation and exploration but once one comes to an understanding of what they’d like to do they’re able to stick roots. Life is not so simple though.

As time moves on we are bound to hit rough waters. It will happen and sometimes sooner than you would expect. Without systems in place for us to return to course we may be blown from our trade wind and from there our boat will be lost once more in an open sea waiting to be course corrected. To avoid such meandering we can structure our lives in such a way to foster forward movement. Creating a place within our home where we are able to stow away and research or complete work toward our long term goal is one of the first stones we could set in the wall we intend to build.

Branching out from here to create an environment that fosters the growth we would like to attain is important. Over time we will find that bits and pieces of our process can be found in the nooks and crannies of our lives, they serve as reminders to us of what we are working toward. It is hard to ignore what surrounds you every day. Course correction over time will become much easier and along the way we become quite efficient with the systems we create. You may find that working toward the goals you intend to achieve becomes easier & quite enjoyable.

I wish for you success, growth, and personal sovereignty.

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