Fluid Goals

Life constantly throws us sidewinders. We cant accurately predict much of anything that will go on tomorrow or even within the next hour even though we try to. Reality is really much more chaotic than we would like to admit. What fun would life be if we knew exactly what was going to happen right as it was about to happen every day anyway?

We set goals for a reason, we expect to achieve those things that we aim for and when we don’t we can be most unforgiving to ourselves. What if we weren’t though? We have been running off of meeting expectations ever since we were introduced to the schooling system and even to our own parents and that has made us neurotic.

Instead of stressing ourselves out when missing our personal deadlines because of matters within or outside of our control we could approach the problem from a different perspective, one of forgiveness and kindness, which we deserve. This will give us the opportunity to step back and reassess. If we have been slacking off and not making progress, chock it up to time well spent resting your mind and body. Maybe there’s an opportunity to reconfigure the way you’re going about your routines.

Instead of beating yourself up identify the positive nature of the situation but keep in mind your vision and end goal. Identify the problem, in this case it could be your lazy nature and work to fix that. Repackaging the way we look at our failures is an important part of building a more sustainable flow of progress and we can easily forget this.

I wish for you freedom, success, and happiness. Take care friend!

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