Duly Noted

Taking notes is an important part of getting a leg up on anything you’re taking a go at. Be it furthering your education or diving deeper into a hobby you can make use of this simple but effective habit. If you’re prone to taking notes and never looking at them again you’re probably not taking them right, this was one of the pitfalls I fell into for years. I knew I wanted to take notes when I was interested because my schooling had taught me that notes were useful for learning and absorbing information but what they hadn’t taught me was a way of taking notes that worked well for me.

Countless dusty notebooks, folders, and google documents later I came across something that actually stuck with me. In the past taking notes was easy other than taking the time to hand write them along the way, I had been quite against “going digital” and for good reason, Google drive was clunky and hard it took time to open the entire program on the computer before you could get going and even when you did get it going you were left with a not so user friendly word document. I thought this was basically the epitome of online note taking but it never really became that usable for me so I stuck with the old fashioned way, which also didn’t work that great.

I came across One-Note 2010 through an online YouTube channel mid 2019 and decided to give it a go, I had to order a disk from E-bay for a few bucks to get it going and I made sure to get the 2010 version so I could work locally with my documents for free because everybody tries to charge subscription fees nowadays and I wasn’t about to pay to take my notes regularly monthly or not.

You’ll have to take a look for yourself but OneNote is easily the most comprehensive and utilitarian program on the market for note taking. You’ll find yourself using all sorts of doodads to keep yourself in order and categorized along the way which is quite fun and extremely efficient. Through the use of the program in just a short amount of time my efficiency and ability to recall information sky rocketed.

I wish for you success, happiness, and genuine fulfillment.

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