Robotic States of Mind

The most successful people get as far as they have based partially on routine. Routines play a huge part of the success of millions of people and I imagine they always will. Over time a routine can become quite repetitive and while we are indeed progressing toward those big targets we set off in the distance it is tempting at times to give way to ‘robotic’ states. It is in this robotic state that we produce the work we are not particularly proud of, the kind of work that doesn’t come from the heart.

While we tend to produce lower quality work during such a state it often times is generally still acceptable to others which is why we may tend to allow ourselves to be caught in the drag of robotic repetition. It may still reflect our unique sheen but something about it will just not be quite the same. Other’s typically aren’t going to look at a piece of work we produce during such a state and call us out for being lazy by noticing such a slipshod production but if we continue to produce work in such a manner we will surely lose traction with those that we reach through what we do.

If we find ourselves slipping into these states of humdrum passing often something may be amiss and a personal investigation may be due. By looking into the nature of the very work we do we can ask ourselves if what we are doing is truly the path we wish to pursue. If we find that we are still pulled to the call we could then consider the nature of our routine. Look for the things that generally leave you hanging with tension. These things often leave calling cards in the form of a negative thought within our head about the task to come. You may find yourself feeling a certain bid of dread before taking on a required activity, investigate that.

If you come to find that a particular piece of your routine consistently fills you with negativity or distaste you may want to attempt a reconstruction. By changing the pieces around with such a task we can breathe fresh air into previously disliked territory. Consider the benefit of such a task in your routine as well. Is this piece of what you are prone to doing truly worth the effort required? What value comes out of this work? You’ll surely uncover more through investigation and I hope you find that what you love to do doesn’t have to be something you dread. After all, we are human not robots.

I wish for you success, freedom, and peace of mind. Take care!

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