The Multifaceted Earth

Imagine you’re out in space, quite far out, and you’re looking back at Earth with your naked eye. What you’d see would be a massive ball with the land masses, clouds, oceans, and the sort. Now imagine you pulled out an extremely powerful telescopic lens to view the Earth. The lens has a variable zoom so you take aim and slowly zoom. As you come closer to reaching a view of ground level things are becoming clearer and clearer until you zoom in completely. At this point you can see people and even ants if you please with great resolution.

Arguably you could take it even further, down into the microscopic realm but for our sake this is far enough for this example. When you’ve zoomed in to your hearts content would you say that from what you can see that you’re able to get the whole picture of what lies on the Earth’s surface? Of course not. You may just be observing an ant enjoying his dinner with friends. The surface of the Earth is vast from the perspective of a human being and what you see is only one of many facets. From the viewpoint of someone who knows not of the Earth, if one stopped here we might conjure the assumption that the Earth is rather bland.

Perspectives and problems in life work similarly. It is very easy to ‘zoom in’ to a specific issue and be left with a limited scope of the whole picture just as in our example. It is important for us to keep in mind that life’s problems are extremely complex and if we approach them too quickly we may find ourselves only understanding a small part of the issue at hand. By understanding the sheer complexity of even simple matters we can adapt ourselves to obtain a clearer picture by attempting to understand the larger picture. If you are interested in such a line of thinking as this one I recommend looking into the field of systems thinking.

I wish for you grow, success, and personal sovereignty.

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